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Track your shot. See the results for yourself.

Cobra King F7

The new Cobra King F7 Driver

3 different ball flight settings

The Cobra KING F7 comes with three weights, one 12-gram weight and two 2-gram weights. Where you position the 12-gram weight is going to give you 3 different ball flights.

"The effectiveness of the weighting system goes hand in hand with the quality of your ball strike. We can help get you get the most out of this technology by helping you to strike the ball to your full potential."


Key improvements to the crown, face and hosel have made this clubhead more forgiving, longer and stronger.

Cobra King F7

Difference between the F7 and F7+

Both drivers have a 460cc head but where the F7+ is more workable, the F7 is more forgiving and easier to hit.

The first connected golf club

Cobra have teamed up with Arccos to take shot and golf performance tracking to a whole new level.

The sensor in each Cobra KING F7 and F7+ Driver works with your smart phone to track your shot distance.

Let us help you make a strong start

A strong drive doesn’t only feel awesome, it can set the tone for the rest of your hole, maybe even your round! When you approach each driving hole with confidence and are hitting fairways regularly it leaves you with good options on approach, not to mention the game becomes more fun. Let us help you get there with a custom fitting.

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