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Get to know the data on your game...

Are you one of the large majority of golfers who’re unsure about exactly how far they hit each of their clubs? It’s the most basic information you should have about your game. We want to help. Here’s a table you can easily recreate yourself:

Club Carry Distance

When completing this table, resist the inclination to list your exceptional distances, and list your regular distance.

Miss hitting your clubs

It’s not just poor ball contact that causes golfers to come up short. Playing the wrong club is a large factor with regular golfers. They either choose a club and are unsure about how far they’ll hit it, or select it based on their perfect strike.

The best players play within themselves on most shots, knowing that the key is consistency.

Why don’t you plan to do just that this year?

Your distances; your gaps

If you're unsure of what your distances are we can check each club for you in a gapping session. We can make sure that you’re not over stretching, and help you get this as perfect as possible. We can help identify gaps or even the places in your bag where there’s very little or no distance gap. Give us a call or drop in and see us to book a gapping session.

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