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As a ex Northern member, Heath Bensted suggested my swing changes may benefit from a different set of eyes having a look.

One hour later via Heaths training studio, some technique flaws were spotted, suggestions given to address the moves, the next training session and round of golf showed instant results.  

Work to be done to lock it in,  but Heaths assessment was simple and corrections possible to achieve.

Thanks Heath, good job!

John Zed

review of an individual lesson

The perfect the draw clinic was really beneficial for me.  I was slicing the ball quite badly before the clinic and I reckon within half an hour Heath had me hitting draws.  He's a very good teacher and explains things really well.  I'm now hitting the ball much straighter and longer than before and enjoying golf a lot more.

Chris Temperley

review of the "perfect the draw" clinic

The way Heath broke the process of a draw into a few simple steps, when followed it worked and was amazing! I was a week prepared to prove him wrong but it didn't happen!

Wally Pastuch

review of the "perfect the draw" clinic

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