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The Get Out of Jail Driver

You’ll notice the difference. The golf ball comes off the face faster. It feels like a more solid impact without creating a hard feel. Callaway have given us “Jailbreak Technology” as the next big step in Driver design.

The next big thing in the search for great, big distance

The continued evolution of the Great Big Bertha (GBB) works for all golfers. Whoever you are, and whatever your motivation for playing, finding your ball further down the fairway after a walk on the short grass, makes the round more enjoyable.

When a conventional metalwood makes impact with the ball some energy is lost as the crown flexes upwards, and the sole flexes downwards. The Callaway GBB Epic head, on the right, has two Titanium bars connecting crown to sole. That minimizes energy loss. In fact it creates “energy lensing” to maximize energy transfer and ball speed.

Here's what puts Callaway ahead

This is a revolution in design that is a result of the long-term Callaway evolution in materials and their use to bring consistency and performance to our games.

If the Crown is just 9.7 grams and the Sole is only 5.8 grams then how much can be designed into the bits in between to provide ball speed and forgiveness.

Actually a combination of design evolution

Adjust and control your shot shape

We can change your shot shape by up to 21 yards from side to side by using the redesigned track and sliding weight in the rear of the sole.

Helping you have more fun on the golf course

So the Callaway GBB Epic Driver is equipment we’re keen to put in your hands, and we've just received the fitting components so this amazing new product is ready to demo now!

Why not see what sort of difference this "Jailbreak Technology" makes to your tee shot performance?

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