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Summer Golf Tips

Fortunately for all of us golf a relatively low risk sport, with the exceptions of the damage to your pride or having to listen to the “tips” given by a new partner, most of the time we all escape unscathed. At this time of year however, we do have to think about protection out on course from the elements. Many of us underestimate how much the sun impacts our health when we are outside for long periods, so we thought we’d compile a few little facts for you…

1 – By the time you are thirsty your body is already in the first stage of dehydration, if you’re getting headaches, feeling dizzy or sick your dehydration has well and truly advanced and you need to rest and take in fluids immediately. Most adults should be drinking between 1.5L – 2L of liquid a day when they are NOT active, and this should be just about doubled when you are exercising or in extreme heat (and no, beer doesn’t count – sorry gentlemen).

2 – Sports drinks and water do very different things! Sports drinks replace sugars & electrolytes that are lost during prolonged periods of exercise. Water is about hydration and replacing fluid only and is suitable most of the time as your only means of hydration. If you are out on course for a long time or when it is very hot and do not have a sports drink, make sure you have something to eat to replace the energy you are using.

3 - There is UV light and Blue Light, both are damaging to your eye but not all sunglasses protect you from blue light. TrueBlue lenses give you visual clarity, very high glare reduction and most importantly protect your eyes against damaging blue light and UV light. Where you can’t get glasses that protect from blue light, a pair of high UV protection glasses that are polarised to cut down glare are the next best option.

4 – Between September and April in Melbourne it is normal to experience a UV Index of over 3 (when UV is dangerous) which means that sun protection should be used when outside for long periods of time, sunscreen, hat and protective clothing should all be used. You may want to consider adding a pair of UV sleeves and a broad brim hat to your golf kit to wear on particularly high risk days.

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