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Steel yourself for a material revolution

The Mizuno JPX 900 Irons

With three new additions to the Mizuno Iron family, you can be assured that you will find one to improve your game.

JPX900 Hot Metal Iron

Chromoly 4140M

A full ball speed Iron, soft enough to bend

For regular and good golfers looking to add consistency and distance, but don't want to invest in a forged feel.

Manufacturers know they want multi-thickness, but essentially thinner faces along with the adjustability to ensure that fitting supports the improved performance.

The Mizuno JPX 900 Hot Metal exploits the properties of chromoly to create an incredibly thin face, generating really fast ball speeds, while allowing fitters to bend the lie angle to your perfect setting.

JPX900 Forged Iron

1025 Boron Steel

Combines true forged feel with higher ball speeds

For good ball strikers who want a forged iron but would appreciate forgiveness to improve ball striking.

Along with the multi-thickness face, the JPX 900 Forged also has a milled pocket. This further extends the hitting zone over an even wider area. The extended pocket cavity allows 21.5g of weight to be redistributed to the extreme corners for added stability and reduced distance loss on mishits.

That’s a lot of ‘forgiveness’ and ‘distance’ performance, yet it’s delivered in a midsize profile. It looks good at address.

JPX900 Tour Iron

1025E Mild Carbon Steel

The purest feel and workability

Better players for whom a forged feel, workability, and a more compact head design is important.

No-one finds the sweet spot every time, not even the best ball-strikers.

"When you do strike the ball towards the toe or heel, you want to minimize any loss of distance or accuracy."

Advanced materials and engineering allow more weight to be placed to the extremities of the JPX 900 Tour Irons delivering distance, accuracy and forgiveness.

Mizuno claims these as the purest, most solid feeling iron they’ve ever produced.

"The design also prioritizes ball striking and workability."

This is a Mizuno Players Iron.

Chromoly A steel alloy containing chromium and molybdenum. It has a far higher strength-to-weight ratio than many alloys. It has proven itself in the bike industry where lighter bikes need to have tremendous strength. It allows the face to be extremely thin and strong, while allowing the hosel to bend to create the perfect lie angle.

Boron steel An element next to carbon in the periodic table. It is added to steel because of its hardening qualities (reducing wear and tear) while being lighter than alternatives. Used extensively in the car industry as manufacturers design cars that are lighter but safer.

1025E mild carbon steel Carbon is added to the steel to create a softer more malleable alloy for use in the grain flow forging process. There are alloys with more carbon present but the purity of the Mizuno Forging Process along with the reduced trace elements in the steel, mean you get a really soft, buttery feel at impact.

Feel is important, and so is performance

We’ve always said that the selection of a set of irons requires an assessment and is a very personal decision making process.

Whatever irons you choose, a fitting is a must. But the level of playability / workability; the appearance of the head and the feel of the golf ball off the face, are all very personal decisions we can help with.

Ready to book an assessment & fit? Book online or contact us to discuss further.

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