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Get a Grip

Think about this, the grip is the only part of the club that you actually touch when you swing. That’s why it’s so important to make sure they are in good condition.

Grips wear over time because of heat, dirt and oils from your hands, as grips age they tend to become slippery, encouraging you to take a tighter grip, increasing the wear of the grips, and affecting your swing through increased tension in your hands and arms. Because of this it is recommended that grips get replaced at least once a year depending on how much you play.

"Before your next round, check the condition of your grips, if they are looking worn your game could be suffering

Replacing grips can reduce tension because the tackiness of a new grip allows you to lightly hold on to the club with confidence knowing that the grip won’t slip, which promotes fluid swings with proper mechanics.

Not only that, having grips personalised to you can help to improve your game. Having the correct sized grip is important as having a grip too small can promote too much hand action while a grip too thick will stop the hands from working correctly.

There are many types of grips that can help your game too. Cord grips are recommended for those who sweat a lot or who play in the rain, whilst a softer feeling grip can help minimise feedback, perfect for someone with arthritis or joint pain. There are light weight grips to help increase swing weight or decrease overall club weight, and there are straighter taper grips which are thicker towards the bottom end of the grip designed to help those with an over-active bottom hand.

If your grips are getting smooth, hard, have distinct thumb grooves or cracks it’s probably time to re-grip your set, and if you aren’t sure we’ll have a look and make an honest assessment for you. So come in and we’ll help you get a grip on your golf game.

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