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Sharpen your short game - lower your handicap

If you're a mid, or even higher handicap golfer and you're keen to lower your handicap, the quickest route to that result is to sharpen up your short game around the green.

David is a reasonable golfer. He hits down the fairway nicely and gets most approach shots down around the green.

Where he struggles is getting the ball close with his short-pitch or chip shot. The control over the ball is not as good as it could be. He almost never sees a "one hop and check" as his ball hits the green.

David's fear is that thinned or fat shot that he sees too often.

Does this sound familiar?

“If you’re a mid, or even higher handicap golfer and you work on sharpening your short game. It will turn net par’s into net birdies all over your card.”

There are many issues that can affect your short game, every golfer is different and will have different strengths and weaknesses, there is no "one size fits all" here. This is why an assessment is so vital to setting you on the right track.

Just 3 things we check in an assessment

If you're ready to book a lesson or club assessment visit our online booking page or contact us.

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