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More feel with Mizuno

For higher single figure to mid range handicap players the advice is this; look for irons with feel and support on approach shots.

You’re not going to find better Irons offering the same consistency of support on approach shots, while providing the forged feel aspiring golfers enjoy as the Mizuno JPX 850 Forged.

The thinnest, fastest face on a forged Iron.

Mizuno has worked for 6 years to create forging materials that are strong enough to support the thinner, faster face to deliver the performance most golfers need.

"Boron is 30% stronger than traditional steel billets. That's how a thinner face is possible. That's how faster ball speeds are created."

The frame supports strategically placed weight for higher MOI. A Power Frame supports both weight placed at the corners to increase the MOI and the thinner face right to the edges.

These are outstanding Irons. They deliver faster ball speeds, and deliver that speed from a larger area of the face. They have a CoG that supports launch.

If you’re looking to hit more greens with your Irons and really enjoy the feeling along the way, come and see if they’ll add to the enjoyment you get from golf. Remember to get fitted for performance.

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