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Common fault for a low marker

The chances are that the lower handicap, competitive golfer understands what causes their bad shot - the quick hook and often big hook.

We've seen some good professionals hit some spectacular duck hooks. As shown here, they sometimes, from a great position at the top, drop their hands too far down at the start of the downswing.

Getting into this position will usually lead to a huge hook, or a ball that goes straight right. Not a great situation to be in when facing a tight tee shot and a waste of a good opportunity on an approach.

Don't rely on your hands

Many of the better players get away with the wrong plane on their downswing most of the time because they’re able to make adjustments with their hands. But why put up with the occasional consequences of that fault? Let’s start the downswing correctly.

If you want to learn more about this common fault, you can book a lesson online or by calling us at the shop.

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