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All "3's" on the Par 3's

While for most of us, a card of 3’s on the Par 3’s might not mean a Master’s victory, we bet it’ll mean you've had some fun. Trouble is, for many of you, it’s going wrong before it starts. Which is exactly what Spieth confessed about his effort at the 12th at the Masters. While his error was shot selection and strategy, too often yours is in the way the ball is teed up.

Do you tee the ball up too high and

then try to sweep the ball away?

Ball strikes have a tendency to be too

high on the face, above the hitting zone.

Trajectory is raised with a lower ball speed.

You come up short.

If you’re using an iron off the tee, tee

it up to give yourself the best lie.

Set up, aim and alignment are often a big factor in a golfer missing the green, particularly landing right of the target.

Let us help you score better on the par 3's. Why not have a look at what our academy has to offer? See the options available here.

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