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A new level of distance & forgiveness

The new TaylorMade M2 Driver

protecting your ball speed and launch conditions on miss-hits

Geometry and materials make the difference

Geometry and materials make the difference

The clubhead on the new M2 driver incorporates advanced sole-shaping and multi-material construction, saving weight and providing the space needed to add even more forgiveness and distance.

Larger clubface and lower CG

Larger clubface and lower CG for maximum forgiveness

The sunken sole enables a larger clubface and address footprint, while the lower density titanium body and 6-layer carbon composite crown frees up 25g of discretionary weight; which has been moved low and back in the sole of the club.

The combination of a larger clubface and an even lower CG gives you the increased ball speed and forgiveness you need to hit it straight from anywhere on the clubface.

"This driver inspires confidence at address with its larger footprint and clubface, while the Geocoustic sole helps manage vibration so it feels great at impact and gives off a lovely sound too!"

Easily adjust your loft

Setting your loft is quick and easy with the new ultra-lightweight aluminium 4-degree loft sleeve, which features 12 adjustment settings.

Unlock longer, more accurate drives

A good drive can set the tone for the rest of the hole, maybe even the round! When you can step onto the tee, pull out your driver with confidence and smash the ball down the fairway, it gives you better options on approach and the game becomes more fun too.

These new beauties from TaylorMade are available for demos and fits now, have a chat with us about booking a time to try them out for yourself.

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