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Are your long clubs exposing your flaws?

Long clubs can expose a multitude of sins

There’s a point in your bag where your consistency of ball striking and accuracy start to break down or disappear entirely. As the club gets longer it exposes a multitude of sins. One is your swing path. But the other, an unforgivable sin, is poor fitting.

Hitting your #9 iron within 20 feet of the pin might feel like a good result, but what if we told you that an adjustment in launch angle and / or shaft flex would have turned exactly the same swing into a 12-foot putt? How many 12-footers do you sink vs 20-footers?

What length are your clubs?

So why have club lengths got longer (and lofts stronger)? One argument is that the manufacturers know we love to buy extra distance. Another is that improvements in MOI and the size of the hitting area allow the club to be longer without a loss of consistency.

The question really is at what club length does your ball striking ability start to break down?

When we ask you: ”At which club length does your ball striking skill break down?”, we avoid the number on your iron deliberately. They’re similar, but 3 iron sets from 3 different brands all had different length #5 irons. There’s no standard length (or loft).

You would be surprised at how much easier it is to hit mid-, and long irons if you’re playing with a club length and shaft flex that fits your physical dimensions, athletic ability and swing path.

Want to look into an assessment? Talk to us about your options or book online.

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