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Preparing for better golf: setup to succeed

Every single golfer can setup correctly whether they’re a Tour Professional an experienced club golfer or a first time player. But how many of you do? And how many of you think you do, but don’t?

For even the best players, it's easy to allow poor posture or alignment to interfere with their ability to hit a good golf shot.

Let us photograph your perfect setup for you, and then you have a point of reference.

Performance Tip

The correct posture in the set up gives you the best opportunity of making the proper rotation and swinging on plane.

Most golfers we work with struggle with consistency of ball striking because they're not swinging on plane.

It makes ball striking much easier when you do swing on plane. And we all know how much more fun that is.

Want us to take a look at your set up? Talk to us in the shop about booking a time for a quick assessment and for us to take a photo of your best set up, this can take as little as 15 minutes.

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