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What the new Titileist 917 brings to the game

We're going to give you three reasons to try the Titleist 917 for yourself, and they're all related to your performance...

Improved ball speed, greater distance

Ball speed is increased, but especially on off centre ball strikes you’ll notice how much faster that ball goes. The improvement is visible.

Lower spin rates, greater distance

Even on lower swing speeds, lowering the spin rate of the ball at launch by just 400rpm can add up to of 8 metres of distance.

There are a lot of factors impacting the spin rate you produce, including the shaft in the club and your angle of attack, but the technology in the Titleist 917 Drivers, including the Active Recoil Channel, will usually show a 500rpm and more drop on the previous generation of drivers.

Smart technology that makes a difference

It is no exaggeration to say that even for the regular golfer, an optimised launch can add 20 metres and more to tee shots.

The SUREFIT® CG allows us to move the CoG through several locations from a back heel to a forward toe.

We find the launch angle, spin rate, side spin and ball flight that is your winning formula.

Better ball flight, greater distance

Most of our golfers have a ball flight that goes left to right (right handers) and loses them distance. A draw or neutral ball flight will carry further and roll out longer, especially with draw bias.

A combination of SureFit hosel (changing face angle and lie) along with the SureFit® CG (see above) allows us to really tune your ball flight to remove a weak fade and give you a stronger, more penetrating ball flight with better roll.

This driver gives us the ability to find your perfect fit in every way (added to the detail above are shaft, shaft flex, and loft options).

We can maximise your performance fitting this driver.

See how far your game could go.

Ready to try the 917? Book a fit or contact us to discuss.

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