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Hole more of the long putts

If you’re a touring Professional, you’re consistently hitting the face of the Putter in about a 6mm range of the sweet spot. Your control of distance and accuracy is exceptional.

However, if like most of us, you’re a regular golfer, as soon as you’re hitting Putts that are over 20 feet in length you hit the face all over the place away from the sweet spot. You could improve your control of distance and accuracy. Some strikes will be towards the toe and some will be nearer to the heel.

If you’re more of a regular golfer than a touring Professional then a high MOI (Moment of Inertia) Putter will improve both your control of distance and accuracy.

The magic of a high MOI Putter is that the head will twist far less with off-center strikes. All of these ball strikes will go a very similar distance down a good line.

High MOI Putters resist twisting. That’s especially important when you strike the ball towards the heel or toe. As we have discussed above, as soon as a putt is longer than 20 feet, most golfers are inclined to become quite inconsistent in finding the sweet spot. Here’s a great way to measure your performance.

Concentration and intensity, fitting, and technique, all have an impact on your ability to consistently find the sweet spot on your Putter. If you’re struggling, then contact us and ask us about how we can improve your game! It’s called a putting assessment or fitting. A high MOI Putter maybe the easiest fix, but there may be other solutions.

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