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How smash factor relates to distance

Hitting long shots requires a high energy transfer from golfer to club to ball, and Smash Factor is a measure of this energy transfer.

Smash Factor (SF) is your ball speed divided by your clubhead speed and tells you how much energy is being transferred from the club to the ball at impact. For maximum distance on your Driver shots you’re looking to get a SF as close to 1.5 as possible. On Iron and Wedge shots SF will be a bit lower.

"It's worth noting that we can increase your Smash Factor without increasing your clubhead speed. Improving the quality of your strike with technical adjustments will up your ball speed and therefore your SF, which can add around 20 metres!"

Let's see how much more distance you can achieve.

It’s our mission to make sure you’re swinging the club as well as possible. While the right equipment fitted for you is seriously important, it won’t count as much as when you’re swinging to your full potential. Book a session with one of our coaches today or read more about our services.

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