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Versatility with Vokey

Add more versatility to your short game with new Titleist Vokey SM6 Wedges. The all new Progressive Centre of Gravity (CG) technology in the Vokey SM6 Wedges aligns the CG of each loft with its specific impact position for improved distance control.

"If you're looking to upgrade your short game then you're just in time to take advantage of the many benefits the Titleist Vokey Spin Milled 6 (SM6) Wedges have to offer."

Watch the two short videos below for more information on spin and the grind options.

Personalise your short game setup

Your Wedges must be fitted to your swing type, playing style and course conditions for best results. The Vokey SM6 range has plenty of options, making it easier for us to fit you with the perfect Wedge set for your game.

"With all these tech improvements and the industries most extensive range of grind and bounce options, Titleist's new Vokey SM6 Wedges have performance advantages on offer to anyone serious about their short game."

The cherry on top...

As well as an array of fitting options, you also have three finishes to choose from: Tour Chrome, Gold Nickel and Raw Black.

Improving your efficiency within 120 metres of the pin will help you shoot lower scores and having your Wedge set perfectly fitted for your game is the best way to do this. But we need to know all about your swing and playing style before being able to fit you with the right Wedges. So come in for a fitting and let’s sharpen your short game. You can book online or read more about fitting here.

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